About us

Your infrastructure and computational systems are your core. Why would you not want your technology partner to be passionate about it?

Infinite scalability is our passion and commitment.

Infiscale provides everything needed for complete scalability and unprecedented uptime to multiple industries. Petascale HPC, private and public Clouds, scalable IDC, file systems, network fabrics, last mile services, custom development of kernels, software stacks, drivers and more is what we do. We don't just leverage others' open source, we help contribute to and fund the actual development.

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Infiscale was created by several think tanks teaming up to deliver open source offerings and unsurpassed support for scalability issues. We are not another "me too" company, offering mash-ups of the solutions of others without understanding how to make them scale. We created and maintain our own complete, top-to-bottom scalable infrastructure software stack. We control our development cycle, not only assuring the longevity of our projects but also allowing us to utilize the feedback we receive from some of the largest and most respected agencies and organizations on the planet about their deployments of our software and products. This provides our development with bleeding-edge insight into the security threats against systems of massive scale, the technical challenges they face, and the best techniques for effective operation.

With extreme roots in Linux, large scale HPC (stateful, stateless, virtual), IDC, and open source software in general, Infiscale has many offerings on the shelf and a plethora of unreleased technology at its disposal. If you do not see what you are looking for, please talk to us about it.

Leveraging decades of proven industry experience merged with years of academic, government, and military insight, we utilize the open source offerings we have created and support in conjunction with our industry leading partners to deliver unrivaled ROI and amazing turn up times. Infiscale is known for an untarnished record of always scaling to the occasion with a labor of love passion that is reflected in our software, services and support.

We live to deliver the performance, reliability and scalability that our users depend and insist on, and take pride in supporting the exponential growth that is required by these industries.


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