We are open to hearing from anyone who has something to contribute. We have the most amazing and diverse team you could imagine and we are looking to expand.

Infiscale is hiring! or would that be growing? We want you to be part of the team, not just work here.

We are looking for motivated, talented, and creative individuals who what to be part of something big, not just another job, but a chance to work on technology that is literally helping to change the world (in a good way). Where your altruistic side that does you in at the salt mine you currently call a job can thrive and return the passion you used to have in your work. Remember when tech used to be fun? It is here.
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We are currently seeking these positions:

  • Computer, Math and Physics Geeks (people who love tech and live for it)
  • Technical response managers (If you love RFQ's, this is perfect for you)
  • developers (compiler, parallel toolchains, libraries, kernels, embedded, UI & Web)
  • Regional sales managers. Multiple territories and markets.
  • System administrators (Linux, HPC, Security)
  • Business development
  • Java developers (Data analytics, interfaces, accelerators)
  • Security personel (private or cleared)
  • Data Center maintenance personel
  • Analytics and big data (if you parse data in your head like sed & awk, lets talk)
  • Hackers (MIT definition [ok, we don't mind if you used to break into stuff, the big thing is 'used to'])
  • Volunteers (keep your day job, help the open source movement)
  • Patent Attorneys (work on our open-patent team to enable common needed bits of technology from ever being horded)
  • Scientist (got a weird one off scientific background and a big time passion for what you do? We might have sponsorship)

Don't see your particular skill-set listed? Don't worry, we'd still love to hear from you.

Infiscale has more opportunities available, these are just the areas we have immediate openings for (or we are greedy and like knowing we have all the smart people). Don't hesitate to let us know what you can do, we might have a need for it. Also, don't be afraid to apply because of lack of a degree, or lack of a lot of experience if you can sit down and show us what you can do (as long as what you can do is impressive).

Internships are also available for some of our scalable infrastructure technology projects and all open source projects. Returning military are greatly encouraged to apply.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining a team, not just going to work for a company.

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