Our industries

Infiscale technology has been widely deployed throughout a wide range of industries

See why so many industries depend on our technology.

Our roots in high performance computing have come a long way, and so have the range of industries that utilize the technology. No longer the exclusive environment of government labs and expensive research projects, scalable infrastructure technology such as HPC or HTC now touch nearly every aspect of the computing environment.

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Industries we serve:

  • Government-sponsored research (DoE, DoD)
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical research
  • Aerospace, astronautics, and fluid dynamics
  • Electronics, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Energy (oil, gas, and alternatives)
  • Finance and trading
  • Computational biology and genetic research
  • Artificial intelligence and neural systems
  • Computational chemistry and nanotech
  • Internet Data Center (IDC)
  • Large scale portals and clouds

This list is not exhaustive. If you are interested in our technology for a different field of research than listed please contact us.

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