Our partners

Our strategic partnerships help us deliver value, quality, and heterogenous scalability

Our attitude towards partnerships

We don't seek partnerships to flash logos on our site or brag. We are interested in long run symbiotic relationships that help our partnering organizations and the industry grow and develop new technology. These partnerships include hardware manufacturers and software projects. We ensure that our scalability solutions are fully compatible with our partner's platforms to make deployments go smoothly for our users and their customers.

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Our products have been validated on the following processor architectures:

  • AMD - all released APU + CPU, most GPU
  • ARM - Cortex and SecurCore
  • Intel - All released CPU's and MIC's
  • Fujitsu - Sparc64 VIIIfx
  • Via - Eden X2
  • Several custom and proprietary CPUs, MPM's, MLD's, etc are supported, if you can get your hardware to work, we can get the OS on it.

We also support several alpha and beta hardware versions of the more common HPC and Military application hardware. Contact us if you would like your hardware architecture or software applications to be tested and validated on our scalable infrastructure platform.

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