Infiscale products are built using highly modified, performance tuned and security hardened open source software and applications, installed to top-tier hardware.

Software products, pre-configured servers, and network appliances


PERCEUS: provisioning master control servers

PERCEUS provisions scalable infrastructure. Our master control servers are ready to deploy tens of thousands of nodes, simply by connecting and PXE booting any hardware or virtual machines on your cluster fabric.

Specifically tuned for various scalable cluster deployments, such as scientific high performance computing, high throughput computing, or tactical and scientific visualization. Our PERCEUS master control servers will get your commodity or customized hardware deployment up and running fast.

PERCEUS with Abstractual provisions flexible and diverse cloud resources. Infiscale deployment recipes on workload-configured master control servers help build mission critical scalable infrastructure efficiently so more attention can be focused on the research and data where it belongs.


More about PERCEUS including documentation, downloads, recipes and more can be found at


Abstractual: Intelligent infrastructure management, workload scheduling and monitoring

Intelligent, configurable application and workload management and scheduling for multiple clusters and even multiple data centers. Abstractual enables system administrators and workload managers a complete management system that includes, monitor, scheduling, workflow management and can even automatically evaluate resources and activities across the entire combined infrastructure, even if spread over multiple data centers, all from a graphic control panel (or an awesome command line if you prefer).

Scalable infrastructure needed an easier, higher granularity, more automated, workload management utility that also provided application monitoring, not just system monitoring. Disaster recovery and mitigation features as well as encryption everywhere, help ensure critical services are never interupted, even in cases of natural or unnatural disasters. Migrate resources and applications as needed throughout the entire deployment with ease. Actually take advantage of APU/CPU, memory, bandwidth, power cost, etc, and actually start seeing real savings to your bottom line. Why would you pay for higher cycles, power, bandwidth, or anything else when you don't have to?


DroneOS: Secure, resilient operating system with flexible AI subsystem

Infiscale DroneOS is a hardened, embedded, live upgradable autonomous operating systems and set of system utilities for mission critical strategic applications. DroneOS supports multiple processors and platforms, with a complete artificial intelligence subsystem for enhanced autonomous self-preservation.

DroneOS was originally designed back in the 90's for medical and robotic uses, but has evolved to be able to power multiple autonomous devices.

Now that drones have even evolved to to the level of electronic warfare and surveillance devices they are able to better safeguard and protect everyone, and more importantly than ever be altruistic. Our DroneOS even supports a transparency mode with total accountability and audit controls.

Civilian versions are available for fields such as medical, aerospace, energy and power, and more for powering autonomous systems such as intelligent production lines, automated deep earth/water/space exploration, computer driven medical procedures, or AI marketing agents. Add awareness, adaptability, and altruistic self-preservation instincts and behavior to any electronic device and make it intelligent.

Due to product potential, some subsystems will only be licensed to US based government, military and approved agencies and contractors.


RazorWire: Firewall security appliance

RazorWire, originally designed by GravityPark over a decade ago to provide data center customers with a superior firewall product and later released into the Linux kernel, has been updated and reissued to meet the network security needs of the 21st century affordably. This is what was created when our friends at Exodus called and asked if we could do a best of breed firewall, load balancer, cdn all in a single managed unit.

We believe the days of having to spend $10K+ for a hardware firewall or deploy custom hardware and expertise to secure infrastructure are over. Some of our competitors do not. We'll let you decide.

The RazorWire security appliance is built for enterprise deployments requiring high throughput, multiple network interfaces, user authentication with deep security logging, traffic shaping, and distributed security modes. It is a security product with unique industry insight, providing powerful features and performance.


Singulistic: Hardware entropy injection

Secure encryption depends on having an abundant supply of quality random numbers. Our Singulistic appliance is a cryptographically secure true HRNG that will greatly accelerate key generation, SSL, and other entropy demanding applications.

Singulistic's entropy injection is designed to benefit virtual machines as well as hardware servers, giving a valuable performance boost to systems that lack the physical hardware traditionally used to fill the entropy pool.

A depleted entropy pool cannot generate cryptographically secure keys of any kind. A bad system will quickly refill the pool with an insecure pseudo-random sequence to meet demand. A decent system will halt and wait for quality entropy to generate. A better system has external entropy injection, like Singulistic, to keep the pool filled with secure random and a high data rate.


Visiwall: Tactical and scientific data visualization

Need to see what is going on with your data in a big way? Or just need to make the most of limited space? We can help.

Our visualization stack is provisioned to our customized cluster nodes with as many display outputs as needed (no limit) and unrivaled processing power. We then combined this with our customized data analysis and visualization software.

This system is not just perfect for, but designed for data walls, curved projection mapping systems, advanced data hives, and control room monitors and workstations and more. This is proven to meet the tactical visualization needs of any deployment or environment.

Our high-density, information processing visual output nodes and open software framework make deployment of realtime data visualization clusters of any scale or physical configuration as simple as our other scalable infrastructure technologies.

This system also doubles as the coolest gaming rig ever when management is not around. Seriously, it's awesome for simulators and training environments too.


GravityFS Juggernaut: Scalable, exabyte-capable storage system

Our scalable, exabyte-capable storage system features the GravityFS operating system installed to a dense, JBOD-expandable storage chassis.

System features include:

  • - Configurable parity options
  • - Intelligent error correction
  • - Data deduplication
  • - Automatic disk resilvering
  • - Advanced metadata handling
  • - Global namespace mode
  • - Learned behavior automated backup
  • - User security and access control

The GravityFS Juggernaut is available in storage footprints ranging from 0.01 to 1000 Petabytes. Software licensing is good for the lifetime of the system at the licensed storage footprint.


GravityFS Readiness: All solid-state, intelligent cache storage system

Can your infrastructure use a little file I/O boost? Our GravityFS Readiness product is an all solid-state tiered storage server designed to serve as the main workload file system for your scalable infrastructure. Large amounts of RAM, industry leading SSD's, and top tier interconnects combine with intelligent data and metadata caching, user access controls, learned traffic QoS management, and smart user interfaces let GravityFS Readiness keep your organization hammering away at workload. Do you need mass storage in addition to top performance? All our GravityFS storage products are designed to work together, with automated synchronization and organization of the data you need to preserve securely and the data you need to work with as fast as possible.

GravityFS Bigger Data

GravityFS Bigger Data: Hybrid, dataset preprocessing storage system

Dataset processing and analysis is a big job. GravityFS Bigger Data is the hybrid storage solution built to handle that job with full scalability and the flexibility required of a fast pace multi-user workflow.

Combining elements of the GravityFS Juggernaut and Readiness storage solutions, Bigger Data adds expandable storage, memory, and processing acceleration including JAVA offloading, and more to a dense computation and I/O node. The software stack gives users adjustable levels of workflow learning automation, data preprocessing and scrubbing, intelligent algorithm tuning, and data chart output visualization.

GravityFS Bigger Data is available in petascale or exascale footprints with starter systems of smaller size available.

'Don't just tame your data, befriend and respect it.' - Infiscale

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